California 2013

California 2013 Bristol Canoe club’s trip to California, May 2013 Rich Puttock, Rich RJ, Conor O’Neill, Lisa Gunton, Nick Wainwright, James (Badger) Hammonds, Lisa Fitzsimons, Mike Millington, Tim Johnson Photos I have put a “Quick set” of photos (61 photos) here: If you want the full experience, the full Read more…

France 2009… a bit late

I know plans are afoot to head to France again this summer and that reminded me I did nothing with the video I’d taken from the 2009 trip. So, here it is in all its glory… Enjoy JK PS. I’m not sure who has the footage from the ‘sunshine Read more…

Morocco photos [2011]

Yes, we went to Morocco, and we paddled (and rode camels!). See RJ’s summary here. Some photos to give you all a taste of what it was like: RJ’s photos are here (I’m not sure whether you need a Facebook account):

Magazine Winter 2007

ContentsThe “Mighty” Exe p.2The “Mighty” Barle p.2The day the music died – farewell Monkey Boy p.3Pitbulls travel to Hull and beyond… p.3-4Polo report p.5The doing something Sunday club p.5-6Big day at burial chamber bridge p.7Contact list p.8-11Calendar p.12 See PDF here.