Our Bristol Pitbulls entered into Division 3 of the National League and played their first tournament in a new venue at Blackwater Lake near Camberley on April 29th. Annoying, a tournament was simultaneously run in the Bristol Docks, but the League organisers at GB Canoeing somewhat understandably decided this location should be reserved for the Welsh teams. So we had a team of 6 including Gail, Sarah, Rollo, Steve, Nick and myself. We wont dwell on the results as the quality of the teams was high and for a team with two new novices to tournament polo, the day was enjoyed immensely, as was the weather.

teh next tournament took place on Saturday June 17th at Aberfan’s mighty Polo Stadium that consists of two pitched built into a flood protection system. Facilities include toilets, snack bar and ample parking. For this tournament the team consisted of Me, Sarah, Rollo, Mike, Nick, James and Ezra. Our latest addition to tournament polo is James, who managed his first goal too. The tournament consisted of 6 games; the first 2 were against two teams – the Rhondda Rhinos and Cardiff, who only had 4 players. We lost both games but managed a goal against Rhonda and our goal keeping reduced the away goals in the Cardiff game considerably. The next two games were against two upcoming teams (Youth) from Aberfan and Rondda which we won comfortably. The last two games saw us rematched against old adversaries over the years from Bude and the Dragon Ravens. Both games were hard fought and ended in draws. So a great result and all players enjoyed their day trip to Aberfan.