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From the dim and distant past

Congratulations to Tim Trew in DW

Very many congratulations to Tim Trew who came 10th in the senior doubles class in this year’s Devizes to Westminster race on the Easter weekend, with a time of 20:17:53 (non-stop). He was paddling with a friend Adam Dumolo. Also congratulations to recent new member George Botsford who paddled in the four-day event, finishing with… Read More »

Bristol Canoe Club’s first newsletter

I have a copy of the very first newsletter distributed by Bristol Canoe Club. This is “Issue 1, Number 1”, December 1962. The club had obviously been founded before this, but we don’t know how much earlier. Note that this includes a suggestion to paddle the river Dart from Dartmeet in Jan 1963, “Rough water… Read More »

Trophies 2016

At the 2016 AGM, various trophies were awarded, as follows: White-water ‘River God’: Dave Hill, for his enthusiasm for getting people onto the water. Most improved white-water: Elinor Griffiths Marathon award(s): Tris Turner, and Greg Tonetti Most ‘Most Valuable Player’: Lee Nicholls, for passing his referee qualification Phil Longrigg Trophy: Avis Noott Chunder Bucket: Not… Read More »

New committee for 2016-2017

The Bristol Canoe Club AGM 2016 was held last week. The new committee for 2016-2017 is: Chairman: Simon Pearson Treasurer: Conor O’Neill Secretary: Adrian Clancy Membership: Nick Wainwright Other committee members: Mark Heeley, Rich Puttock, Dave Hill, Mark Gillett and Emma Newman

Montenegro, Tara gorge, Summer 2015

In Summer 2015, a group of us went to Montenegro to paddle the Tara gorge, a beautiful three-day trip through a deep gorge. We found that the (limited) available information was sometimes misleading, so I created something to help future trips. This document isn’t really a trip write-up, instead it describes the logistics and journey… Read More »

Old trip reports and magazines

A reminder that some very old club trip reports and magazines are still hanging around on our web site here; these may be good for some browsing when you have some spare time. Have fun – Conor  

Trophies 2013

At the 2013 AGM, various trophies were awarded, as follows: White-water ‘River God’: Lisa Fitzsimons, for not swimming during the trip to California. Most improved white-water: Not awarded (its been a bad yea!) Marathon award: Danielle Clarke Most ‘Most Valuable Player’: Zach Gillett, for being able to shoot Phil Longrigg Trophy: Conor O’Neill Chunder Bucket:… Read More »

Club constitution and Rules

The Bristol Canoe Club Constitution can be seen here: The Bristol Canoe Club Rules can be seen here:  

Trophies 2011

At the 2011 AGM, various trophies were awarded, as follows: White-water ‘River God’: Mike Millington (for his siphon experience in Morocco). Most improved white-water: Bill Pickles Marathon award: Kevin Littlehales Most ‘Most Valuable Player’: Richard Russell-Johnson Phil Longrigg Trophy: Lisa Gunton Chunder Bucket: Not awarded! Fish of the Year: Steve Bennett, for falling in before… Read More »

Old photos

Here is a link to a lot of photos from Bristol Canoe Club trips up to 2006.