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A bunch of us travelled to Idaho in the USA in June 2017, for a multi-day trip down the Middle Fork of the Salmon. Here is a write-up, and some links to photos included at the end:


In Summer 2015, a group of us went to Montenegro to paddle the Tara gorge, a beautiful three-day trip through a deep gorge.

We found that the (limited) available information was sometimes misleading, so I created something to help future trips.

This document isn’t really a trip write-up, instead it describes the logistics and journey times (both on roads and rivers) to give some help with trip planning.

Montenegro Logistics

I hope this is useful!



My photos from France are here; enjoy:

As always, the best rapids don’t have any photos. 🙁


Stop press!

Bristol Canoe Club’s top polo team – the Penguins – has been promoted from National Div 4 to National Div 3, after winning the playoffs at the weekend. [ Apologies, we previously (incorrectly) stated promotion from Div 3 to Div 2. ]

Many congratulations to the team. 🙂

A reminder that some very old club trip reports and magazines are still hanging around on our web site here; these may be good for some browsing when you have some spare time.

Have fun – Conor


North Wales

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Many thanks to Lisa F for organising last weekend’s trip to Wales. 10 of us went and we had a great time.

On Saturday we managed to paddle the Conwy (not the Fairy Glen!). Low water, but most of us had never paddled it before, some of us after trying for 20 years or so to catch it at a paddleable level.

On the Sunday everything was actually a bit low, so we went to the Tryweryn and took Lisa’s Paul down the lower Tryweryn; the others caught us up after playing on the top for a bit.

Some photos here:


Some photos from today’s trip down the middle Tavy


Here are some photos from the Div4 polo tournament held at Cheltenham last weekend.

Enjoy – Conor

On the Dart weekend a few weeks ago, I got a few photos of people
playing on the play-wave at the end of the lower Tavy trip; have a look

And here are just a couple of photos from the West Dart yesterday:


California 2013 Photos

I have put a “Quick set” of photos (61 photos) here:

If you want the full experience, the full set (288 photos) are here: