This Notice to Mariners was issued by the Harbour Master’s office on Wed 6th January.

Events in Bristol Harbour

03/21 Harbour Office COVID-19 update

Following the government’s announcement of a national lockdown. From Wednesday 6 January 2021 harbour use will be subject to new imposed restrictions.

The harbour is closed to all visiting craft

Travel outside of your local area is not permitted, and so we’re not able to facilitate visits to the harbour.

Powered Vessels

Leisure use of powered vessels is not listed by the government as a reasonable reason for leaving home and so not permitted. Owners of powered craft must not leave their moorings unless it’s to access necessary maintenance, and then only after permission has been sought from and given by the Harbour Authority.


In line with government regulations on exercise, owners of manually propelled craft that hold Annual Navigation Licenses may continue to use the Harbour. Such use must adhere to government restrictions.

Licensed, manually propelled club activity may also continue with adherence to government restrictions and compliance with relevant association guidelines.

Navigation Licenses

No new licenses will be issued. If a Navigation License is not already held for a vessel, use of the Harbour is prohibited.

Harbour staff

Harbour staff will be on duty every day from 9am to 5pm to carry out dock patrols and essential locking and tidal duties. They will respond to emergencies, and will carry a limited supply of pump out tokens, electricity cards and other sundries for purchase by card only.

The emergency telephone service: 0117 903 1484, option 2 will still be available during operational hours.

The Harbour Office is closed to the public and should you wish to contact the office by telephone, call 0117 903 1484 between 10am until 3pm, or email

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