Over the weekend of December 24-26th 2023, the Club’s whitewater team met for their annual trip to Dartmoor. Most of the 35+ members attending stayed in the Caving Barn near Ashburton, while a few opted for more luxury in some of the local pubs. The Friday early arrivers managed a trip down the Upper Dart in low water water, while a few more tackled the middle dart. Following a lively night in the Abbey Inn, the team broke into mini teams, with most taking a trip on the middle dart down to Buckfastleigh, others went to the Plym and the upper Dart while a hiking group tackled the mighty Dartmoor fells. The evening was spent in the Dartbridge pub followed by repeat trips on a lower middle and upper dart, as well as the Exe. Good times were had by all and only one nominee for the Chunder Bucket Trophy all weekend!

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