Tuesday 29 Oct – Harbour Training Report

Total paddlers 6: 4 x K1, 1 x K2.
Air Temp: 7ºC Getting Cold!
Wind speed: 1 occasional breeze
Conditions: Calm/River Traffic Bumpy
Visibility: Clear / Dark.
Session: Sets: 80 strokes @80%, 20 strokes @100%
Highlights: Exceptional sprints
Top paddlers: TT TT!
Social: Club AGM in Nova Scotia
Next Race: This Sunday 3/11 Avon Descent, Stratford
Next training – Thurs 31/10, 6.15pm +

White navigation lights needed for bow AND stern. Buoyancy aids recommended for all when cold this time of year. If you’re going out alone, always make sure someone knows your whereabouts, what time you expect to return back and that you’ve returned safely.