We have two active polo teams, who compete in the regional divisions. The Pitbulls are currently in division 3 (South), but look like they might get demoted this year to division 4. The Pussycats is a development squad to help bring others into the sport. At the moment they are competing within division 4.

New website using WordPress

I have now installed a new website, which uses WordPress. This means we can have a combination of pages supplied by the Webmaster, plus posts supplied by any club members. If you’d like to be given a username so that you can post to this website, please contact the webmaster (Conor): webmaster@bristolcanoeclub.org.uk Thanks – Conor

River rating (chase boating)

Given the amount of chase boating in France [ 2008 ], I thought this deserved a re-write; (courtesy of JK) Class I, Easy. Fast moving  water with riffles and small waves. Boat chasing is easy and fun. Boat  immediately rescued and emptied on bank. People chat about how refreshing the  water is. Class II, Novice.… Read More »

New International System for Rating Rapids

New International System for Rating Rapids (Found somewhere on the web) Someone asked an anonymous boater about his class IV comfort level and he answered something along the lines of “I’m comfortable that I can usually find an eddy to swim to.” Thus, the interviewer was inspired to offer this: Class I, Easy. Fast moving… Read More »