Div4 Polo photos

Here are some photos from the Div4 polo tournament held at Cheltenham last weekend. https://picasaweb.google.com/conoroneilluk/201401Div4PoloCheltenham Enjoy – Conor

A few Dartmoor photos

On the Dart weekend a few weeks ago, I got a few photos of people playing on the play-wave at the end of the lower Tavy trip; have a look here: https://picasaweb.google.com/conoroneilluk/201312LowerTavy And here are just a couple of photos from the West Dart yesterday: https://picasaweb.google.com/conoroneilluk/201312WestDart Conor

Scotland photos

I’ve put my photos from Scotland up here: https://picasaweb.google.com/conoroneilluk/201311ScotlandKayaking  

Trophies 2013

At the 2013 AGM, various trophies were awarded, as follows: White-water ‘River God’: Lisa Fitzsimons, for not swimming during the trip to California. Most improved white-water: Not awarded (its been a bad yea!) Marathon award: Danielle Clarke Most ‘Most Valuable Player’: Zach Gillett, for being able to shoot Phil Longrigg Trophy: Conor O’Neill Chunder Bucket:… Read More »

Club constitution and Rules

The Bristol Canoe Club Constitution can be seen here: http://www.bristolcanoeclub.org.uk/static/info/clubconstitution.htm The Bristol Canoe Club Rules can be seen here: http://www.bristolcanoeclub.org.uk/static/info/clubrules.htm  

Harbour Training Reports – update

As you will have noticed (or gone unnoticed, most probably!!) I’ve been testing the value of reporting on training sessions as both a log and to bring to life this page. I’ve missed reporting on the past 3 sessions as I am looking at another way of preparing and logging training sessions. Bear with us.… Read More »

Tuesday 29 Oct – Harbour Training Report

Total paddlers 6: 4 x K1, 1 x K2. Air Temp: 7ºC Getting Cold! Wind speed: 1 occasional breeze Conditions: Calm/River Traffic Bumpy Visibility: Clear / Dark. Session: Sets: 80 strokes @80%, 20 strokes @100% Highlights: Exceptional sprints Top paddlers: TT TT! Social: Club AGM in Nova Scotia Next Race: This Sunday 3/11 Avon Descent,… Read More »

Want to get into Kayak Racing? What to know first…

Please note that we do not currently have any formal coaching facilities, so to join in winter training sessions, you already need to be a very competent racing kayak paddler – at least able to paddle a K1 proficiently or have experience as a (stable) crew paddler in a K2. If you’re a racing novice,… Read More »

Thursday 24 Oct – Harbour Training Report

Total paddlers 7: 1 x K1, 3 x K2. Air Temp: 13ºC Wind speed: 2 light wind Conditions: Mild chop Visibility: Clear / Dark. Session: Wash hanging with sprints Highlights: Top paddlers: KS! Social: Pint at Cottage Next Race: 3/11 Avon Descent, Stratford Next training – Tues 29/10, 6.15pm + NIGHT PADDLING SAFETY NOTICE White… Read More »