North Wales

Many thanks to Lisa F for organising last weekend’s trip to Wales. 10 of us went and we had a great time.

On Saturday we managed to paddle the Conwy (not the Fairy Glen!). Low water, but most of us had never paddled it before, some of us after trying for 20 years or so to catch it at a paddleable level.

On the Sunday everything was actually a bit low, so we went to the Tryweryn and took Lisa’s Paul down the lower Tryweryn; the others caught us up after playing on the top for a bit.

Some photos here:


Trophies 2013

At the 2013 AGM, various trophies were awarded, as follows:

White-water ‘River God’: Lisa Fitzsimons, for not swimming during the trip to California.
Most improved white-water: Not awarded (its been a bad yea!)
Marathon award: Danielle Clarke
Most ‘Most Valuable Player’: Zach Gillett, for being able to shoot
Phil Longrigg Trophy: Conor O’Neill
Chunder Bucket: Not awarded!
Fish of the Year: Keith Sanders, for a ‘shopping trolley’ incident.

Harbour Training Reports – update

As you will have noticed (or gone unnoticed, most probably!!) I’ve been testing the value of reporting on training sessions as both a log and to bring to life this page. I’ve missed reporting on the past 3 sessions as I am looking at another way of preparing and logging training sessions. Bear with us. Cheers Mark

Tuesday 29 Oct – Harbour Training Report

Total paddlers 6: 4 x K1, 1 x K2.
Air Temp: 7ºC Getting Cold!
Wind speed: 1 occasional breeze
Conditions: Calm/River Traffic Bumpy
Visibility: Clear / Dark.
Session: Sets: 80 strokes @80%, 20 strokes @100%
Highlights: Exceptional sprints
Top paddlers: TT TT!
Social: Club AGM in Nova Scotia
Next Race: This Sunday 3/11 Avon Descent, Stratford
Next training – Thurs 31/10, 6.15pm +

White navigation lights needed for bow AND stern. Buoyancy aids recommended for all when cold this time of year. If you’re going out alone, always make sure someone knows your whereabouts, what time you expect to return back and that you’ve returned safely.

Want to get into Kayak Racing? What to know first…

Please note that we do not currently have any formal coaching facilities, so to join in winter training sessions, you already need to be a very competent racing kayak paddler – at least able to paddle a K1 proficiently or have experience as a (stable) crew paddler in a K2.

If you’re a racing novice, it’s recommended you wait until the spring and summer months to develop your boat and stability skills in Bristol Harbour – or at least pair up with an experienced paddler who’s prepared to take you out – and preferably during daylight hours.