Canoe club update: Harbour sessions

[ Message issued by Tom (Chairman) on 23rd Mar 2021 ]

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone is doing okay with the latest lockdown and I’m sure you’re all raring to get back out and enjoy the sun as soon as possible!

With the changes coming in on Monday 29th March, we will be able to meet in group of up to 6 which means we can start bringing the club back up and running again. Firstly, this means that al club kit can now be used again so if you are looking to go out on the harbour, you can use any of the kit in the cage. Also, we will start up the harbour sessions again from Thursday 1st April(Not an April fools promise!). We will meet at the harbour at 1800 on the Thursday and try to make the most of the longer days by getting out on the water as quick as we can. But in order for this to happen we will have to follow some rules:

  1. Stick to groups of 6. Once 6 people have turned up and got ready they need to head out and start paddling so another group can head out afterwards. This is so we follow the government guidelines so please make sure that we stick to this until the rules are eased further. Make sure to leave enough space for each group
  2. Only 2 people in the cage at one time. This limits the contact with each other in the confined space of the cage
  3. Any equipment borrowed needs to be cleaned as much as possible using wipes/sanitiser provided
  4. Stick to social distancing rules

We will also be able to start running some trips again but don’t get too excited…These trips will have to be single day trips and they will have to be possible without having to share a car as this is still not allowed. For example, a trip to the Jolly Sailor at Saltford would be acceptable but a trip down to the Dart will have to wait until a little later in the year. If you do go on a trip, make sure it is well within your ability as we want to limit the risk of having to rescue people.

Hope to see some of you on Thursday next week!