Harbour Authority Tier 3 And 4 procedures

This Notice to Mariners was issued by the Harbour Master’s office on Mon 4th January.

Events in Bristol Harbour

02/21 Harbour Authority Tier 3 And 4  procedures in force from 4 January 2021

Fom Monday 4 January 2021 the Harbour Authority will be changing some of their Tier 3 and 4 procedures. 

This is because of the sudden increase in the Covid-19 cases in the Bristol area. It’s essential that we protect our staff and the Harbour community to effectively fulfill our statutory and essential duties.

These changes will remain in force whilst Bristol is in Tier 3 or above. 

Harbour staff

Harbour Staff will be on duty daily from 9am until 5pm to carry out dock patrols and only essential locking and tidal duties. 

They will also respond to emergencies and will carry a limited supply of pump out tokens, electricity cards and other sundries for purchase by card only.   

Emergency telephone service

The emergency telephone service 0117 903 1484, option 2 on the answering service. 

Public slipway

The public slipway will be open daily between 9am to 4:30pm for all leisure craft that hold an annual navigational license. However use must be in accordance with the latest government Covid-19 guidelines

Short Term Navigation Licences

No Short-Term Navigation Licence’s will be issued until the Harbour Authority feel it is safe to do so. Any vessel failing to comply with Government rules will be removed from the Harbour and licenses will be suspended until further notice. 

Group activities

Commercial and group based activities are still suspended and will not be permitted while Bristol remains in Tier 3 or higher. 

Harbour Office opening hours

The Harbour Office will remain closed.

To contact staff call 0117 903 1484 between 10am and 3pm. 

Tide/locking operations

Tidal and locking operations will only be done when essential and any unnecessary down and back journeys will not be permitted. 

Bookings must be made with at least 48 hours notice and approved by the Harbour Master (or his Deputy) before the commencement of any journey. 

For bookings call the Watch House on 0117 927 3633 leaving a message so a Harbour Staff member can return your call. 

Future updates

The Harbour Master will continue to review these changes and should Government guidelines or safety be compromised the Harbour Authority reserve the right to amend any of these procedures at short notice. 

Should, or when, Bristol be downgraded to Tier 2 (without the likelihood of returning to a higher Tier) the Harbour Authority will be pleased to review these changes.