Latest rules and info

Hi all,

Sorry for taking so long sending out this email and not keeping everyone up to date with the rules. As I’m sure everyone is aware, as we are based in a tier 3 area, the rules haven’t changed that much compared to when we were in lockdown.

The good news is the harbour is still open to us as the club has the licences to go out on the water. However the showers and toilets are still closed.

We still have no news on the pool so no update on when we will be back there or what the rules will be when we can go back in.

The indoor training sessions that are normally on a Thursday night are still cancelled until we are unable to train indoors in groups.

Trips can be organised by using the club email list however, as we are in tier 3, we cannot go to Wales nor should we be going paddling too far away. So if you are planning on organising any trips through the club you need to be aware of sticking to groups of 6 and keep the paddling to somewhere within our tier. Also, no car sharing for the time being.

I’m sure everyone knows the rules that are currently linked to the tier system so please stay safe and hopefully see you all soon! There is more guidance on the British canoeing website if you would like more info: