Harbour phase 4 reopening Covid-19 Oct 2020

This Notice to Mariners was issued by the Harbour Master’s office on Tue 20th October.

46-20 HARBOUR TO MOVE TO PHASE 4 ON THE 26th October 2020

Notice is hereby given that a move to Phase 4 will take place on Monday 26th October 2020

The Harbour Authority has introduced safety precautions and is working within social distancing guidelines to protect both colleagues and our customers and we would appreciate that visitors follow all signs and instructions. 

The move to Phase 4 will permit the currently prohibited use of the Harbour by Powered Craft launching from Baltic Wharf Slipway only

Baltic Wharf Changing, toilet and shower, facilities will remain closed.

The decision to move to Phase 4 will be constantly reviewed as Lockdown conditions change. All activities will remain at the discretion of the Harbour Master and his staff.

Phase information:

Phase 2:  All manually propelled craft (SUP, Kayaks/Canoes, Dinghies, Rowing boats) will be able to navigate the Harbour.  The only slipway open will be the one located by the Harbour Office.  Navigation licenses will be issued from the Harbour Office only and must be obtained before launching. Payment should be made by card, and if you wish to apply for an Annual License please email harbour.office@bristol.gov.uk.

Phase 3:  All permanent leisure berth holders will be able to use the Harbour for navigation.

Phase 4:  Harbour reopens fully.

The above only applies to leisure use and all current recognized commercial operators should contact the Harbour Office to discuss their commencement of operations upon the water.

A deteriorating situation will result in restrictions being reinstated.