Youth policies

The club has assembled a youth and child protection policy.

Youth and family members are accepted at Pool sessions. All sessions are supervised by registered lifeguards (pool staff), and therefore no special procedures need to be in place regarding club sessions.

Youth and family members are admitted to paddle on Bristol Docks subject to the following:

a) A responsible adult member must be willing and able to accompany the youth member(s) on the water.

b) The youth member’s parent/guardian must attend, preferably on the water, but if necessary at the dockside.

Youth activity on other occasions (e.g. competitions, or river trips) is by special arrangement and invitation only. This will depend critically on the member’s paddling skills, qualifications, and maturity.

All adult club members should attempt to ensure that they are never left in a situation where they are alone with a youth member. Note that BCU guidelines indicate that this may be waived in exceptional circumstances.

The club has appointed a Welfare Officer to be available for members to discuss any concerns they have. Currently (2018) this is Lisa Gunton.