Tues 15 Oct – Harbour Training Report

Total paddlers 6: 2 x K2 & 2 x K1.
Air Temp: 6ºC (Coldest this autumn so far)
Wind speed: 0 still
Conditions: Millpond
Visibility: Clear / Dark – high reflection from ambient light.
Session: Steady to fast, intermittent winter wash hanging and race pace training.
Highlights: SB/H in K2 pace setting with MH & LT hanging on. Top K1 performance from KS and Evangelos from Greece we welcome to regular training sessions!
Top paddlers: SB/H, KS!
Social: Quick pint at Cottage Inn
Next Race: TBC
Next training – Thurs 17/10, 6.15pm.

White navigation lights needed for bow AND stern. Buoyancy aids recommended for all when cold this time of year. If you’re going out alone, always make sure someone knows your whereabouts, what time you expect to return back and that you’ve returned safely.


Sun 13 Oct – Fowey Race Report

1st & 2nd for Bristol Crews at Fowey!

Bristol Canoe Club crews, Keith Sanders and Kevin Littlehales took first place, with Steve Bennett and Helen Taylor taking second place in the Division 4, 8 mile K2 race with Tristram Turner and Danielle Clark taking 2nd place in the Div 3/4, 12 mile event at at Sunday’s BCU Hasler Canoe/Kayak Race on the river estuary at Fowey, near St Austell, Cornwall.

Bristol paddler Helen Harris and Patrick Starkey (independent – but trains at Bristol) also finished the 4 and 8 mile courses respectively.

Great effort from all Bristol paddlers with around a 100 racers .



Bristol K2 crew, Daniele and Tris take 2nd place in Div 3/4


Keith & Kevin take 1st place with Helen and Steve a close 2nd in Div 4.

Thurs 10 Oct – Harbour Training Report

Total paddlers 11: 3 x K2’s & 1 x K1 training together on washes, plus 2 other K2 crews paddling separately, (1 crew member complete novice).
Air Temp: 8ºC
Wind speed: 1 calm/light
Conditions: Millpond/ripples
Visibility: Clear / Dark
Session: Wash hanging, racing pace training for Fowey at weekend.
Highlights: Excellent K2 wash hanging & K1 performance – despite late start for many.
Top paddler: KS! TT/D
Social: Pint at Cottage Inn
Next Race: This Sunday 13/10, Fowey
Next training – Tues 15/10, 6.15pm.

Fowey Race this weekend. Click for details.

Tues 8 Oct – Harbour Training Report

Total paddlers 7: 3 x K2’s & 1 x K1 training together.
Air Temp: 13ºC
Wind force: 2 light breeze
Conditions: ripples/bumpy
Visibility: Clear / Dark
Session: Moderate with turn training between tunnel and bridges in prep for weekend race.
Highlights: MH & SB in K2 with intolerable boat lean! First complete session in dark.
Top paddlers: TT/D
Social: Pint at Cottage Inn
Next training – Thurs 10/10, 6.15pm.


Flat Water Kayak Racing – Training Sessions: Tues & Thurs, 6pm (ish!)

The lack of posts on this Racing page might indicate that not much happens at Bristol in this discipline..!

So in order to restore some sort of profile here, I hope to help stimulate this page back into life with posts about the activities of the kayak racing and training side of the club…

One of the principle motivations for this blog is to connect regular and visiting paddlers together with information about what we’re up to – including training updates, how many are out training, what races we’re training for, results and other racing/training news.

I hope this helps better coordinate sessions and helps with training motivation – especially through these coming winter months!


PS. Am looking to set up a club racing/training Twitter and Facebook account and feed into this page for us social media addicts… at least, that’s the plan. Watch this space.