Bristol Canoe Club Rules

Revised Nov 2011


The Constitution of the Club empowers the Committee to make such rules as are necessary for the smooth running of the Club. The following rules are not comprehensive, and no attempt has been made to provide for all circumstances. They are general guide-lines, and should be read and applied with common sense. Under special circumstances the Committee may relax the rules, or impose additional restrictions - to allow certain activities to take place. The attention of the Secretary should be drawn to cases where the text is misleading, inaccurate, or capable of improvement.

1 The rules may only be altered or amended by the Committee. Any change or addition must be relayed to the membership in the next convenient communication, although the actual change may take immediate effect.

2 All Members or Temporary Members are bound by the Club Rules plus any subsequent orders made by the Committee or persons delegated by the Committee.

3 A trip organiser or leader may at his/her own discretion refuse to let any individual take part in a trip or part of a trip if he/she feels that the person is inadequately equipped, unfit, or lacking in experience. The leader also has the power to make any orders necessary on the occasion.

4 Neither the Club, its Officers and Committee, nor any other person organising an activity in the Club's name may be held liable for any accident or loss occurring during or as a result of that activity.

5 Members are expected to use all the necessary safety equipment applicable to the occasion.

6 No action involving the Clubs name publicly shall be taken without the knowledge and approval of the Committee.

7 The Treasurer will NOT automatically pay all bills presented to him/her. Members intending to spend money which they propose to reclaim from the Club's funds must first seek the Committee's approval, otherwise payment may be refused.

CLUB NIGHTS - Pool sessions

8 Under normal circumstances only Baths Boats may be used in the pool, with the exception of one Canadian for rolling training only. No metal tipped blades to be used.

9 Pool boats may be used away from the pool only by Club Members, after the approval of a Committee member, and after payment of a seat fee to the Equipment Officer / Committee member.


10 All Members and Temporary Members must conform to Docks rules and regulations.

11 Club boats may be used at Baltic Wharf without charge.

12 Inexperienced Members, and ALL Temporary Members, may only use the Club boats under supervision on Club nights, or at other specially arranged times.

13 Competent Members may have access to the Club boats at other times by arrangement with the Officers of the Club. Keys for the boat lock are available from the Equipment Officer for a non-returnable deposit.

14 When not in use Club boats must be securely locked to the rack.


15 Membership of Bristol Canoe Club requires members to have their own boats and equipment, the Club equipment is consequently only for occasional use by Members, chiefly to enable them to try a different branch of the sport before deciding to participate on a regular basis.

16 Competent Members may, by prior arrangement with the Committee, take club boats elsewhere for their exclusive use. A Booking out system is operated. A charge of £10 per seat (£8 for concessionary members) will be payable to the Club Officer for all boats used away from Baltic Wharf or South Bristol Pool, with the exception of Club Competitions. The seat fee will be charged on the number of seats in the boat.

17 The limitations of the use of club boats are as follows:

18 Members using Club Boats in competitions MUST enter as Bristol Canoe Club.

19 Club Boats must be securely locked when not in use. This also applies when left unattended on roof racks.

20 Racing boats carried on roof racks must be supported in 'V' bars.


21 Members damaging or losing Club Boats or equipment are expected to repair or replace at their own expense, unless a successful claim can be made on the Club Insurance. Such damage or loss must be reported to the Club Officers within 24 hours.


22 Any person competing under the Club's name must be a paid-up member.