Covid-19 Latest Guidance for the Club

This message was released by Tom Brockett (chairman) on 25th May.

Hi All, 

I hope everyone is well and enjoying having slightly more freedom as we can now exercise more!

Unfortunately, even though we are able to exercise more, doing so as a group is still not possible. You can however go Kayaking with people in your household or with one other person as long as you comply with all the rules laid out by the Government such as social distancing. But for the foreseeable future, there will be no club trips being organised but boats/kit can be borrowed from the cage(£10/day for use anywhere other than the river Avon). Below I have outlined a few key points that anyone planning on using the club kit/facilities for their own leisure needs to be aware of.

Always remember to social distance

If you are planning on doing any paddling trips, whether it is with the club kit or your own, and you will be accompanied by someone outside of your house, always remember to stay 2m away from each other. This applies within the cage as well as on the river. Be sensible with how you move about in the cage and touch as little as possible to limit the risk of spread.

Bristol Harbour is closed for leisure use

This means that no one is able to access the water in Bristol harbour all the way from Cumberland Basin to Netham Lock. Please do not try to access the waters in the harbour, even if you are planning on doing so without any club kit. 

Borrowing Club Kit

Club Kit may be borrowed from the Cage by the Cottage inn however there are a few rules that need to be followed in order to do so:

  1. Bring your own Hand Sanitiser. We will not be able to leave hand sanitiser outside of the cage so anyone planning on accessing the cage will need to bring their own to use BEFORE and AFTER using the Combination Lock on the door and when touching any kit in the cage. 
  2. Only 2 people in the cage at one time. The reason for 2 people is because some of the boats are stored high up and you will require assistance to get the boats down. Do not try and get a ‘difficult to reach’ boat on your own if you are planning a solo paddle. 
  3. No Changing in the cage. I know this rule is already in place and as we are not able to go out on the harbour the chance of anyone needing to change is limited. But if you do need to change, please do so by your car and not in the cage to limit your exposure to club kit.

Cleaning club equipment

If you do borrow any club kit, please clean it thoroughly before you use the kit and once you return it. Please use high alcohol wipes to clean down the kit to make sure everything is killed off. 

Hopefully we will be able to resume some sort of normality within the club at some point, but for the time being please be aware of everything listed above and if you would like any more guidance please go to the British Canoeing website for a more information: 

For the meantime, if anyone would like to host a virtual activity within the club(from training sessions to Ale tasting) you are more than welcome to! Just send an email out to the club with your suggestion and people will jump at the chance for some social interaction. There’s not much else going on right now!

Hope to see you all out on the water before the end of Summer!


Bristol docks are not yet open

We received this reply from the Harbour Master on 13th May. As such the docks are not yet open, and won’t be for a while.

Please see below- this is where we are for the time being.

As the Competent Harbour Authority for Bristol Docks and River Avon our current position is that our waters are not available for leisure use.

The focus of this department at the moment is on meeting our statutory duties and water level management. Those wishing to exercise unfortunately need to find an alternative venue for the time being.

We’re all looking forward to having this behind us.Best Regards

Pete Seed, Deputy Harbour Master, Harbour Masters Office, Bristol Docks, Tel 0117 9031484