Monthly Archives: November 2013

Scotland photos

I’ve put my photos from Scotland up here:  

Trophies 2013

At the 2013 AGM, various trophies were awarded, as follows: White-water ‘River God’: Lisa Fitzsimons, for not swimming during the trip to California. Most improved white-water: Not awarded (its been a bad yea!) Marathon award: Danielle Clarke Most ‘Most Valuable Player’: Zach Gillett, for being able to shoot Phil Longrigg Trophy: Conor O’Neill Chunder Bucket:… Read More »

Club constitution and Rules

The Bristol Canoe Club Constitution can be seen here: The Bristol Canoe Club Rules can be seen here:  

Harbour Training Reports – update

As you will have noticed (or gone unnoticed, most probably!!) I’ve been testing the value of reporting on training sessions as both a log and to bring to life this page. I’ve missed reporting on the past 3 sessions as I am looking at another way of preparing and logging training sessions. Bear with us.… Read More »