Monthly Archives: April 2011

Morocco Summary

Operation Cous-Cous has returned after successfully conquering Morocco.  More details and about a million photos to follow [ ed – see some photos here ], but this is a brief summary of our trip: Day 1 – Get boats past grumpy check-in supervisor.  Land in Marrakesh and meet up with Sharif and The Van for… Read More »

Sunday the 13th – Unlucky for some..?

‘Twas a rainy Sunday morning at Almondsbury when five of BCC’s intrepid paddlers gathered.  The destination was the Clydach in South Wales.  Meeting the sixth member of the team (Harvey) at the top of the river, we soon noticed that it was rather bigger and browner than we were expecting, with an inconvenient tree in… Read More »

Morocco photos

Yes, we went to Morocco, and we paddled (and rode camels!). See RJ’s summary here. Some photos to give you all a taste of what it was like. RJ’s photos are here (I’m not sure whether you need a facebook account):