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Bristol Canoe Club is a club for paddlers in the Bristol area.

We are a very active club, and we do lots of things – see the Calendar page for the latest info, but also we do a lot of trips at short notice, organised via our members-only email list.

We are involved in white-water paddling, flatwater racing, polo, plus general leisure.

Images of different types of paddling

For more information, please see the General Information link, and Contacts, or any of the pages available from the menus at the top of the page.

There aren’t that many posts about Flatwater kayaking on this, our club website – that’s because the Flatwater guys have set up a Facebook Page [search: Bristol Kayak Racing or click here]. Go along to the group and apply to join – you’ll need a Facebook account, of course! See you there!

Very many congratulations to Tris Turner & Keith Saunders who came 9th in the Liffey Descent, and to and ex-member Tim Pearce and his brother who came 7th.

Mike Millington also paddled a canadian canoe with his mate from up north, and they came 24th in Canadians.

The full results are here:

Well done to everyone.


Many congratulations to James Putterill and Simon Pearson who qualified as Grade 3 referees last weekend.

Adrian, Dan, and RJ also passed their grade 3 theory, so will hopefully gain their full qualification soon also.


Stop press!

Bristol Canoe Club’s top polo team – the Penguins – has been promoted from National Div 4 to National Div 3, after winning the playoffs at the weekend. [ Apologies, we previously (incorrectly) stated promotion from Div 3 to Div 2. ]

Many congratulations to the team. :-)

Please note – this course is now full.

The club will be organising a beginner’s course for adults in May/June 2014. The course will consist of four 2-hour sessions on Bristol docks, on Thursday evenings from 6pm. This will (probably) cost £60.

This course is expected to begin on Thursday 15th May. If you are interested, please email our enquires address; see our contact page.

A reminder that some very old club trip reports and magazines are still hanging around on our web site here; these may be good for some browsing when you have some spare time.

Have fun – Conor


North Wales

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Many thanks to Lisa F for organising last weekend’s trip to Wales. 10 of us went and we had a great time.

On Saturday we managed to paddle the Conwy (not the Fairy Glen!). Low water, but most of us had never paddled it before, some of us after trying for 20 years or so to catch it at a paddleable level.

On the Sunday everything was actually a bit low, so we went to the Tryweryn and took Lisa’s Paul down the lower Tryweryn; the others caught us up after playing on the top for a bit.

Some photos here:


Some photos from today’s trip down the middle Tavy


Here are some photos from the Div4 polo tournament held at Cheltenham last weekend.

Enjoy – Conor